Contemporary Abstract Painting Series - Joe Papagoda

Contemporary Abstract Painting Series

Artist Statement

The Triton Mystery

Myths is a body of work which is allegorical, and timeless. These artworks are based loosely on the timeless archetype of ancient myths and evoke an expressive power in lieu of figurative suggestions by combining the intense emotional aspect of color theory with dynamic fluid imagery. They're presented as color fields which are boldly known for their primordial essence - making them the perfect basis for such a mythic art. In further rejection of figurative imagery, these artworks are created in conjunction with narrative titles to serve in part as a mechanism meant to empower creative vision in the mind of the viewer - as if a story were being read.
 Often created with the painting against the ground, the artist begins painting by hand with brush applied directly on the canvas to build a foundation of soft, and sometimes heavy brush stokes. A custom mix of fluid acrylics or other mixed mediums are applied over this foundation offering great control over the final organic composition.

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Commission Original Abstract Paintings

Commissions start around $850.00 per square foot depending on the project.
Please use the "Contact" button available in the top navigation bar & tell the artist what size art you want made in inches, where it will be shipped, what style you want, and any other details.

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